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At Creafidis, We Like To Give Back!
Do you know someone that needs any Web Development?

You deserve to be awarded for helping us find new clients. For every new client who was referred to us by you, We will give you 20% commission of the total web development project as a thank you.

Price Example:
Web Development= Rs 35,000 ($950)
You Would Get 20% = Rs 7,000 ($190)

Our Average Project:
$550 – $2,500 (Rs 20,000 – Rs92,000)

This program is for individuals only.

Earn cash for each successfully paid
by client you refer to us. After we receive
the payment, we pay you the 20%!

Earn cash by taking advantage of our referral program!

No limit on how many clients you refer to us.
You get paid once the client makes their total payment!

No matter how big the project, you still earn 20%
(You will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal)

Thank you for referring your friends, family or colleagues!
(Make sure to get their permission first!)

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(Terms and Conditions)

Participating in the Creafidis Customer Referral Program

Commission and Payment

Creafidis, will pay 20% commission for each referral we receive that results in a Paid service to Creafidis. The amount of the commission will vary depending on the type of service(s).

You will not get any commission if the client does not purchase our services.
You may not refer your own existing website or a website you are affiliated with.

Sending Unsolicited Email Or Spam

You agrees to not send SPAM mail to promote any of Creafidis services. This action WILL RESULT in immediate termination of your Referral Agreement. You will also be in violation of the Creafidis Referral Program Agreement and subject to legal action.


Websites that promote sexually explicit material or violence are not eligible to be Referral Program. Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, or physical disability shall not be accepted. Websites that promote illegal activities shall not be accepted. Do not apply if your website promotes these kinds of activities. By applying, you are stating that your web site does not directly promote or endorse such activities.

Thank you for referring your friends, family or colleagues!

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