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Web Development & Security

Based in Mauritius with more than 10 years experiences, we offer professional Web Development & Security.

We provide Premium Template & Portfolio installation. Photography, Blog, Magazine, Corporate,

Education, Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate & Wineries.

Our Websites Are Mobile-Friendly & Fully Responsive!

Website Security

We Make Sure Your Website & Your Information Is Safe & Secure


  • We’ll make sure that your website is secure at the end of installation.
  • We scan themes, plugins, passwords and more to prevent security
  • We block malicious IPs and block all attempted “brute-force” attacks.
  • User Action Logging – Track when users edit content, login or logout.
  • Generate strong passwords right from your profile screen.
  • We significantly reduce the risk of a hack, reduce load on website &
    improve site performance.
  • We track and monitor a range of metrics for each IP including the
    number of attacks, attack frequency, duration of the attack.


  • We secure your website using security methods.
  • We secure your installation from hackers and malicious code.
  • Malware Scan – Have your site scanned automatically each day.
  • We “lock-down” Website from hackers using our methods.
  • We modify permissions of administrative folder & files so it cannot be accessed.
  • Automatically Report/Block IP addresses of failed login attempts.
  • Protect your site against spammers.
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
Web Development & Security

Avoid Pirated Website Theme

Don’t Expose Yourself & Your Business To Risks and Threats

We Use Premium Theme
Single License For Each Client

Premium WordPress themes are generally safe.
If WordPress updates their system, your theme may
not work properly after the WordPress update.

The Theme Company Can Take
Legal Action Against You.

Some Company Are offering a way
to find out who is using pirated themes

We Never Use
Pirated Theme

→ Website Security Risk 

→ Include Malicious Code

→ Themes Cannot Be Updated

→ Hidden Script Injections

→ Hidden Spam Links

→ Hidden base64 encoding

→ Unknown Access To Your Admin Dashboard

→ Pirated Themes Are Terrible For SEO

→ You Steal From Developers

Promotional Business Videos
(Facebook, YouTube, Websites and more…)


Our mission is to work with clients to grow their businesses.

We’re Here To Help Your Business!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Determination

Let’s Get Started!